Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights states the needs in rare diseases

The Economic, social and cultural rights new report of the UN highlights the status quo and future needs of persons living with rare diseases. “Rare diseases often attract stigma and discrimination, and many persons living with a rare disease find themselves excluded from participation in employment and from integrating fully and productively into society”.

New AKU treatment comes closer to commercialisation

Nitisinone is probably the biggest source of hope for alkaptonuria (AKU) patients right now. Research efforts under the DevelopAKUre project are bringing its commercialisation within reach. DevelopAKUre (Clinical Development of Nitisinone for Alkaptonuria), the project investigating nitisinone supported by the AKU Society and coordinated by the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University, is close to completing its Read more about New AKU treatment comes closer to commercialisation[…]