Support office

EJP RD provides support for the preparation of clinical studies into rare diseases. This service is designed to support the development of new treatments, drug or device repurposing, or diagnostic studies in rare diseases.

How does it work?

All queries go through the EJP RD central helpdesk. Please select ‘clinical study support’ as the category. 

Support Office queries are referred to a dedicated rare disease clinical manager acting as the permanent contact point for the Support Office. The RD clinical manager will be supported by ECRIN’s Clinical Operations Manager and medical experts as needed.  

Other aspects of clinical trial support will be referred to our services where needed, including: mentoring for translational research & data and resource management.

You will receive a response from the coordination team that your query is being dealt with, followed by a response from the RD clinical manager.

Please make your requests well in advance of any deadline for proposals so that we can assist you more easily.

Support offered:

  • Methodology tailored to small populations
  • Innovative statistical design
  • Country selection/Site mapping
  • Regulatory and Ethical requirements
  • Cost evaluation

Please note, further services offered by ECRIN such as multinational trial management and coordination are not offered as part of the clinical studies support office and would need direct separate established contact with ECRIN (