Currently, data sources and valuable research resources are scattered, unconnected and do not speak the same language, both semantically and technically. 
To support this, we have developed the Virtual Platform, which aims to open a single door to discover, query and eventually access patient registries, biobanks, genomics & multi-omics repositories, knowledge bases, resources (such as animal models and cell line libraries), omics deposition & analysis platforms, and translational & clinical research supporting materials and services in a coordinated manner. 
The Virtual Platform is made viable by relying on the added value of implementing the FAIR principles, which allow data to be discovered, indexed, integrated and reused under clear conditions. The implementation of FAIR also allows data to be managed automatically in a secure environment with minimal human intervention. 
To support making all involved resources FAIR, the EJP RD has worked on FAIRification services, guidance, tooling and training. 
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