Follow-on funding support

In partnership with Fondazione TelethonETS, EATRIS, and Fondazione Gianni Benzi, EJP RD provides a follow-on funding support to researchers in the field of rare diseases to bridge the gap between basic and translational research. 
Provide you with funding opportunities that are suitable for your research project and a list of patient organisations to further fund your research and strengthen the collaboration.

You can get support on the following topics:  

  1. Funding opportunities and a list of patient organisations to further fund the research and strengthen the collaboration  
  2. Market analysis including a list of pharmaceutical companies as your potential competitors, and current clinical trials  
  3. Drug repurposing. For this topic, we can also provide a list of pharmaceutical companies developing or marketing the same drug that you are studying 

Any scientist working on a project in rare diseases. 

The mentors are experts from academia and industry. 

The support provided is free of charge.  

If you would like to disclose the confidential information to us, we will provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). 

This service is not related to the formal review process of the second stage, and reviewers will not receive any information arising from the mentoring process. 

The mentors in the programme sign a mentoring  agreement that includes a conflict of interest declaration. Our mentors are obliged to inform us if they are involved in an active application.  We will not match a mentor to a project that is similar in disease area if there is a possible conflict, and when in doubt we will always talk with the applicant for the mentoring programme first.

Firstly, we advise you to consult the available resources on translational research from EATRISand the EJP RD’s Innovation Management Toolbox.   

If you would like to find out more and register for the service, please access our helpdesk, and select translational support as the category. Your query will be dealt with by EJP RD and referred on to EATRIS.