What is the Virtual Platform

Access the Virtual Platform here.

Nowadays, data sources and valuable resources for research are scattered, unconnected, and do not speak the same languages, both from a semantic and from a technical point of view.  

The Virtual Platform aims to open a single door to discover, query and eventually access patient registries, biobanks, genomics & multi-omics repositories, knowledge bases, resources (such as animal models and cell lines libraries), omics deposition & analysis platforms, and translational & clinical research supporting material and services, in a coordinated manner. 

The Virtual Platform is a federated ecosystem, in which resources are enhanced to be amenable to RD research, and made Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable: data stays at the source level but can be queyrable at distance from an EJP RD query point. As an ecosystem, multiple query points will be possible, allowing for sending interrogations from one resource to others. Thus, federated discovery, query and analysis are made possible, preserving patient privacy, and respectful of each resource access conditions.