EU-STANDS4PM publishes review article on computational modelling for personalised medicine

EU-STANDS4PM, a European standardization framework for data integration and data-driven in silico models for personalised medicine, has published a review article on computational models for clinical applications in the Journal of Personalized Medicine.

In the article, the authors discuss the most relevant computational models for personalised medicine in detail that can be considered as best-practice guidelines for application in clinical care. They define specific challenges and provide applicable guidelines and recommendations for study design, data acquisition, and operation as well as for model validation and clinical translation and other research areas.

During the next three years, EU-STANDS4PM will initiate an EU-wide mapping process to assess and evaluate strategies for data-driven in silico modelling approaches. A central goal is to develop harmonised transnational standards, recommendations and guidelines that allow a broad application of predictive in silico methodologies in personalised medicine across Europe.

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