Dr. Anneliene Jonker (IRDiRC) interviewed for article on medical devices for rare diseases

International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC) member Dr. Anneliene Jonker, Vice Chair of the Therapies Scientific Committee (TSC) of IRDiRC, has been interviewed extensively for an article published in the February 2022 issue of Medical Technology magazine.

The article, titled “Medical devices for rare diseases: the unmet need”, presents the goals of the IRDiRC Working Group on MedTech for Rare Diseases, the role of medical devices in rare disease diagnostics and care, and the unmet needs in this area.

Dr. Anneliene Jonker

Speaking of the Working Group, Dr. Jonker is quoted: “The IRDiRC has tended to focus on traditional therapy development, but we realised this is an issue that needs more development…we said, let’s at least try to map out all the issues surrounding medical device development for rare diseases. We’d also like to get out a number of recommendations for funding agencies by the end of our working group.”

Read the full article here.