Share4Rare: The burden of COVID-19 in people affected by a rare disease

People with rare diseases are doubly vulnerable to COVID-19: on the one hand, many of these pathologies put patients’ health at a higher risk during a SARS-CoV-2 infection, and, on the other hand, confinement and the lack of medical care due to the saturation of certain health services are making it difficult to treat these patients.

If little is known about how this new infectious disease affects people without previous pathologies, even less is known about the effect of COVID-19 in people with unknown rare diseases.

A new patient registry will be created to better understand how COVID-19 affects people with rare or undiagnosed diseases. The registry will collect information of patients with rare diseases and with a positive diagnosis for COVID-19. This will help improve the general knowledge of this new disease and its evolution and prognosis in these patients.

Share4Rare has developed a survey, which is available in English and Spanish.