Satisfaction Survey for EJP RD services

The European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) - Work Package 19 (WP19: “Facilitating partnerships and accelerating translation for higher patient impact”, aims to support the RD community to more effectively translate high quality research into high impact interventions for the RD patient community. For that, WP19 offers three main services: 

  1. Mentoring for translational research which aims to empower researchers to conduct rigorous translational research by providing active project mentoring and technical support. 
  1. Follow-on funding support which aims to improve the uptake of successful research projects towards clinical implementation by identifying suitable funding opportunities and finding partners for the development of new treatments and diagnostics for rare diseases. 
  1. The Innovation Management Toolbox (IMT) is an online virtual library which provides self-help resources openly accessible to the RD research community. 

We would like to assess the added value of the above-mentioned services and your satisfaction if you have already used any of them. Your feedback is very valuable for further development of the services. Here, we share a link to the survey to collect your feedback. 

You will not need more than three minutes to go through the complete survey if you are not familiar with the services and at maximum ten minutes if you have used all the services.

The survey will be open until February 10th
Thank you for your availability and looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback.