Helis Academy Omics Data Analysis Course

The Helis Academy course will cover the basics of biological pathways and pathway analysis as well as network biology and network analysis.

The next edition of the Helis Academy Omics Data Analysis course will take place at Maastricht University on 30-31 March, 2020.  The course is free, registration closes on 20 March.

The target audience for this course is life scientists in academia and industry who want to learn to understand and use the basics of pathway and network biology. This course will provide a basic introduction to molecular pathways, biological networks, and how to analyse omics data using pathways and networks. We will introduce you to molecular pathways, from what they are, to how to make your own, to how to use them in omics data analysis (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics). The course will continue by zooming out to utilize your pathway analysis in a broader network analysis and to integrate data from other external databases (e.g. drug-drug target databases, transcription factors, microRNA) so you can see the bigger picture.

Day 1: Pathways

  • Introduction to biological pathways
  • Introduction to WikiPathways and PathVisio
  • How to draw pathways
  • Pathway Analysis

Day 2: Networks

  • Introduction to network biology
  • Build a network using Cytoscape
  • Extend a network with drug targets
  • Network Analysis