ERN Webinar: Patients with Trisomy 21 and ARM Versus Patients with ARM Without Fistula

ERN eUROGEN are organising a webinar dedicated to healthcare professionals and patient groups on Wednesday, 8 February at 18:00 CET. Dr Eva Amerstorfer, Consultant (Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery, University Hospital Graz, AT) and Dr Inbal Samuk, Director of Colorectal Services (Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery Department, Schneider Children’s Medical Center, Petah Tikva, IL) will present this webinar.

About 5% of children with Trisomy 21 are born with an ARM, which in up to 95% of patients is classified as an ARM without fistula. ARM without fistula is itself a rare, distinct anomaly in the spectrum of anorectal malformations and occurs in 5% of all patients with ARM. 

Features of this type of anomaly will be described, as well as the results of a study conducted by the ARM-Net Consortium on the clinical characteristics and one-year outcome of patients with Trisomy 21 and ARM and patients with ARM without fistula. Management and outcome parameters will be compared between these patient groups. 

While both patient groups require special attention in their management, treating physicians need to be aware of associated pathologies in patients with Trisomy 21, which can influence bowel function and outcomes