Towards the implementation of Personalised Medicine in Europe

ICPerMed and ERA PerMed published the joint statement “Towards the Implementation of Personalised Medicine in Europe – The Advantage of a European Partnership“. The statement stresses the need for establishing a European Partnership for Personalised Medicine. Already a lot has been achieved by a large number of international, pan-European, national as well as regional activities and initiatives. But to further develop and foster promising personalised medicine approaches, there is a need of an even closer collaboration and effort which could be achieved by a European Partnership for Personalised Medicine in Horizon Europe.
Personalised Medicine (PM) represents, as a cross-cutting field, a central opportunity for the future of healthcare by providing major benefit to the individual patient and citizen. There is a common understanding among stakeholders, researchers and healthcare providers across borders that PM, due to its great potential for disease prevention, diagnostic and treatment, is a major driver to optimised healthcare. But is Europe prepared for this improvement?
Please, read the official statement for all the detailed info.

With its next research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe, the European Union will support European Partnerships with EU countries, the private sector, foundations and other stakeholders.

The International Consortium of Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) brings together more than 40 authorities from EU member states and beyond. Members include Ministries of Research, Ministries of Health as well as public and private ‘not-for-profit’ health research funding and policy organisations.