FAIRification stewardship programme for ERN registries

The EJP RD FAIRification stewards’ team was established to support partners in the EJP RD with the FAIRification process of their resource, starting with the ERN registries. The team is comprised of 6 members from different institutions involved in EJP RD. The stewards’ aims include, but are not limited to, identifying the ERNs needs, providing advice regarding the implementation of a FAIR registry as well as promoting convergence in FAIR implementation choices between the registries and with those of the EJP RD Virtual Platform. The team contributes to the EJP RD R&D through a continuous feedback loop with EJP RD research and development of the platform. The FAIRification stewards complement the local technical team (i.e., the registry developer, the registry project manager) that is responsible for implementing and maintaining their FAIR infrastructure. The stewards can provide them with technical advice related to the FAIRification process or refer them to the EJP RD technical experts upon need. The objective of the FAIRification stewards’ team is to transfer FAIR knowledge in such a way that at the end of EJP RD project, the local technical teams will be able to continue to FAIRify their resources independently.

After a first successful year of existence mostly focused on ERN registries, area of operations of the FAIRification stewards will be extended to other EJP RD resources such as Wikipathways, neXtProt, hpscreg, and Cellosaurus.

The FAIRification stewards’ activities include:

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