Rare Diseases Research (RDR) Challenge #1: Digital Tools for Rare Disease (DT4RD)

EJP RD’s innovative Rare Diseases Research (RDR) Challenges call in partnership with Fondation Maladies Rare aims at facilitating and funding collaboration between industry, academia, SMEs, and patient organisations to solve specific research challenges in rare diseases.

The first challenge issued under the RDR call was for the development of a non-invasive tool for measuring rare disease patient mobility in daily living. We are glad to announce the  launch of the three-year Digital Tools for Rare Disease project (DT4RD) as a response to this challenge.

The DT4RD project brings together a multinational consortium consisting of Aparito, Paris Institut de Myologie (Institute of Myology), the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre at Newcastle University, Yumen Bionics, Metabolic Support UK, along with biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry partners, CSL Behring and Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, who will both serve as the sponsors of the project. 

In order to meet the objective set by the call, the project consortium will develop a digital platform capable of assessing upper limb function remotely and continuously, capturing the point between being ambulant and non-ambulant, a pivotal juncture in the progression of rare diseases which is often not accounted for with the use of conventional clinical methodology and tools. 

Press release from Aparito: https://www.aparito.com/announcing-the-digital-tools-for-rare-disease-dt4rd-project/