Joint Transnational Call 2012 (JTC2012)


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a disease leading to increaing weakness of voluntary and respiratory muscles. On average only 36 months after first signs of weakness the patient dies. Patients vary considerably in rate of disease progression. About 30% of patients either live shorter than 18 months of longer than 48 months, up to 60 months. PYRAMID’s primary objective is to find those factors that protect patients from a rapid disease progression. The study will compare patients who die within 18 months to patients who live beyond 48 months. These factors, e.g. genes and proteins, are then prime candidates for the development of new treatments for this fatal disease.

  • Veldink, Jan Herman (Coordinator)
    Neurology University Medical Center Utrecht [NETHERLANDS]
  • Grosskreutz, Julian
    Neurology University Hospital Jena [GERMANY]
  • Van Damme, Philip
    Neurology VIB Leuven [BELGIULM]