Other substantial impact(s): Contribution to the European Open Science Cloud

EJP RD will increase its impact by actively contributing to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) by:

  1. Supporting the EOSC in its stated desire to apply FAIR Principles (in league with the GO FAIR network, the Research Data Alliance, and ELIXIR), given that establishing FAIR Rare Disease data is a cornerstone of the EJP RD (Pillar 2 WP12)
  2. Aligning with EOSC on the respective data plus software quality assurance approaches and the data governance principles (Pillar 2 WP10)
  3. Developing the EJP RD data Virtual Platform to be a multi-tenant federated architecture able to support a plurality of service providers and service consumers, as needed for EOSC (Pillar 2 WP11)
  4. Exploring cross-fertilising sustainability models for the life science ecosystem with EJP RD being the leader on rare diseases aspects of this ecosystem (Pillar 2 WPs10 & 12, transversal WP3). In particular, this work will begin with EJP RD building on the previous European investments into the EOSC, e.g., by utilizing outcomes of EOSCpilot and EOSC-hub projects and cross fertilization with the ELIXIR-led EOSC-Life project. Outcomes of these projects, such as policies for dealing with sensitive data or common metadata models and guidelines, will be adopted and promoted to help their expansion on European scale within the communities relevant to EJP RD.

Yearly updates on other substantial impact(s)