Networking Support Scheme (NSS) Event: Argonautes Syndrome Science & Family Conference

A funded networking event, the first Argonaute Syndrome Science & Family conference, is being organized to bring together patient families, researchers and clinicians of the AGO1 and AGO2 communities to facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

This event has received funding support from the EJP RD’s Networking Support Scheme (NSS) funding opportunity.

The event will be held in Regensburg, Germany, from August 26th to August 28th 2022 in a hybrid format, with the goals to enhance understanding of the underlying clinical, molecular and biological characteristics of each syndrome and of genotype-phenotype relationships, to foster ideas and collaborations for next steps in research that may eventually lead to novel disease-modifying therapies, and to unite patient families.

The meeting will be preceded by an international conference on Argonaute proteins and participants of either are invited to attend the other conference.

More information and registration here.