Marfans 2035: A scientific & prospective meeting of the Marfans association

Call for abstracts

MARFANS, the French patient association for Marfan and related syndromes, is pleased to announce its first scientific and prospective meeting, Marfans 2035, on April 5th, 2024 which aims to learn about the main research directions in Marfan and related syndromes in the next 10 years, to exchange with researchers and clinicians, and to identify translational projects that could benefit from the support of the association.

Deadline for abstract submission : January 5, 2024 (

Confirmed speakers :

  • Pr Julie de Backer, Ghent University Hospital – UZ Gent
  • Pr Guillaume Jondeau, CNMR Syndrome de Marfan et apparentés, Service de cardiologie CHU Paris Nord-Val de Seine
  • Dr Gisela Teixido Tura, Main researcher Cardiovascular Diseases, Vall Hebron Institut de Recerca, Barcelona
  • Vivian de Waard, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. Medical Biochemistry, Amsterdam UMC

Marfans association can actively support your research project in many ways: by bringing the patient perspective and being involved in your clinical trials and research protocols design, in helping in the administrative part of the preparation of the clinical trials applications and informed consent forms, in identifying eligible patients and facilitating recruitment, and ultimately by providing financial aid.

Should you be actively engaged in translational research projects that would that help treating,managing and reducing the symptomatic expression of the disease and benefit patients, we are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract of your presentation proposal.

Selected presentations will be in English, of 15’, and will have to outline :

  • Your research goals in the next 10 years and expected outcomes for patients
  • Estimated budgets for 10 years and co-financing needs
  • Topics :
    • Therapeutic treatments : drug discovery and development, surgical interventions
    • Diagnostic
    • Diseases Prevention and Prediction
    • Care pathways
    • Genomics, gene therapy, etc