Intranasal Device for Neonates (INDENEO)

Challenge #2: Delivery system for intranasal administration of biological drugs to neonates


INDENEO  project  wants  to  push  forward  a  new  and  innovative  delivery  system  for neonatal population    by    bringing    together    an    interdisciplinary    public – private partnership. This consortium aims to provide an actionable road-map in order to design and test intranasal delivery device for brain therapies. The  proposed  concept  is  an  innovative  electro-mechanical  medical  device  able  to  gently deposit drops onto the olfactory region of the nasal cavity of neonates. The device will deliver the  desired  biological  drug  formulation  volume  to  the  specific  targeted region  of  the  nasal cavity of neonates, with high reproducibility in a simple, easy-to-use, efficient and  safe way. INDENEO device will be designed as a versatile platform able to deliver different molecules or formulations,  including  cell  suspensions.  This  could  further  increase  the  potential  impact  on therapies  to  be  delivered  through  this  innovative  system.  The  consortium  will  first  work  on designing functional prototype and engaging with EMA trough Innovation Task Force. In stage 2,  preclinical  testing will  aim  to  demonstrate  efficient  delivery  of  different  biological  drug formulations in the brain in vivo in Non-Human Primates.


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  • MOREL, Benjamin (Coordinator), EVEON
    ⇾ FRANCE 


  • LE GRAND, Roger, IDMIT (Infectious Diseases Models for Innovative Therapies)
    ⇾ FRANCE


  • CILIO, Maria Roberta, Saint-Luc University Hospital, University of Louvain

    Research Centre