ERN RD training and support program

The aim of the activities in the Pillar 3 ‘capacity building’ of the EJP RD project is to fill the gap in the available education on rare diseases research by creating and implementing a comprehensive and cohesive program of education and empowerment for different target groups or stakeholders such as patients, patient representatives, researchers and young clinicians.

In particular the objective of the WP17 ‘ERN-RD training and support program’ is:

  • To deliver training programs based on two main components: research training workshops and research fellow exchanges through the ERN training groups
  • Accreditation of training activities

Research training workshops

The workshops  will be implemented as two day workshops. Topics will either be proposed by the ERNs (European reference Network) or by EJP RD investigators . There will be two deadlines for workshop topic applications per year.

The topics will be prioritized based on the following elements:

  • Balance of clinical / translational/ basic research
  • ERN cross cutting topics  
  • Multidisciplinary topics/ERN collaboration
  • No overlap with other EJP training activities
  • At least 40% females and 40% males lecturers

The participants will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Country balance (opportunities for participants from Eastern and Central Europe)
  • ERN balance (different ERNs per workshop)
  • Seniority balance (junior + senior per workshop)
  • Gender balance
  • Monitor backgrounds of participants with regard to topics (checks on level of knowledge & expertise)
  • Prioritization is given to participants with potential added value through attendance (mentioned in application “bring own problem”)

Research fellow exchanges

The fellow exchanges are meant to take place across national borders with a duration of 2 weeks up to 3 months. In the first year (until October 2020) the exchange will be accomplished exclusively within or between ERNs, thereafter it will also be possible to go to a center outside of the ERNs.

The fellows will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Early-stage researcher (beyond 1st year of PhD training / specialty training)
  • ERN researcher /host institution (from 2nd year onwards)
  • Added value to ERN
  • Quality of home and host institution
  • Quality of research plan
  • New collaboration
  • Inclusiveness target country (ITC) resident 
  • gender balance in relation to the applications
  • 1 re-application possible

Stay tuned , we will announce here the first call for fellows exchange and workshop topics soon!