Joint Transnational Call 2023 – Funded Projects

Joint Transnational Call (JTC2023)

The fifth Joint transnational Call (JTC 2023) with the topic “Natural History Studies addressing unmet needs in Rare Diseases was launched in November 2022 with participation of 21 funders from 16 countries.

The aim of the call was to enable scientists in different countries to build an effective collaboration on a common interdisciplinary research project based on complementarities and sharing of expertise, with a clear future benefit for patients.

The process included a two-step submission and evaluation procedure. 80 eligible consortia submitted proposals to the first step of this call. The Scientific Evaluation Committee (SEC) evaluated these pre-proposals and 27 proposals were selected for full submission. The second step of evaluation included a review by external experts (at least 2 per proposal) and a rebuttal step of these external reviews. Then each proposal was reviewed by the 3 SEC biomedical experts, one expert on biostatistics/bioinformatics and one patient expert.

Following the second SEC evaluation and ranking of the best projects, 13 consortia with a foreseen budget of about 19 Mio € were selected for funding.