EJP RD – ERN Workshop: Advances in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering for rare musculo-skeletal diseases

  • 13 octobre 2023 - 09:00
  • Rome, Italy


Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering provide strategies to regenerate untreatable diseased organs by either replacing/mimicking the damaged tissues and cells or boosting their self-healing capacities and modulating the immune response. These topics are at the boundary between RD research and therapy, bridging the scientific advances to the industrial enterprise realm hence ultimately to patients’ bedside. Bone-muscle regenerative strategies include advanced therapies based on stem cells and derivatives, cell reprogramming, immunoregeneration, innovative biomaterials and nanotechnologies, 3D bioprinting and manufacturing techniques. 


This workshop aims to improve the knowledge and competences on up-do-date regenerative medicine and tissue engineering technologies exploited in the design of advanced therapies for rare diseases affecting skeletal muscles and bones. The topic will cover both advanced therapies already in clinical trials and innovative strategies undergoing translational research that merges contributes from a wide range of scientific areas and frontiers technologies. 

The workshop is suitable for the entire ERN community, with a target audience of multiple levels (PhD students, postDoc, researchers, clinicians, resident fellows, specialized paramedics). 

The workshop will bring different professional profiles at the same roundtable, to learn, practice, discuss and share needs, tools and ideas, fostering novel shared paths of development in the RD ecosystem. The workshop will exploit innovative interactive teaching methods conjugating keynote talks (international lead scientists, ERN representatives, industry and regulatory affairs’ professionals), with interactive sessions involving patients and PAOs. 

To register please fill the application form here until July 1st 2023. 

The training workshop is free of charge. Travel and hotel expenses will be reimbursed (up to Euro 400) for all selected (max 20) ERN participants. Lunch and dinner will be provided on site for all participants. Additional participants (without reimbursement) will be accepted up to a maximum of 40 overall. 

Affiliated to an ERN-Full Member or Affiliated Partner institution. 

The organizer together with one member of the WP17 Scientific Evaluation Committee will select the most appropriate workshop participants based on their qualification, experience and interest in of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering applications in the RD field.  

All registered participants will be informed if they are selected to attend this training course by July 20, 2023. 

At the end of the training workshop a Certificate of Attendance will be sent to the participants who attended the entire workshop and completed the survey. 
Credits of Continuing Education in Medicine might be issued – to be informed as soon as possible, if there is such a possibility. 

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Centro Congressi Europa), L.go F. Vito, 1, 00168 Rome Italy.

If you have specific questions, please write to the workshop organizer:  

Questions related to organization aspects should be addressed to:  

For general inquiries about the workshops in the ERN RD Support and Training Program please write to:  

  • carola.reinhard@med.uni-tuebingen.de  
  • c.n.van_beuzekom@lumc.nl 

See the programme here.


  • Start Date:13 octobre 2023
  • Start Time:09:00
  • End Date:14 octobre 2023
  • End Time:13:00
  • Location:Rome, Italy