1st PReS ACADEMY COURSE on Non-Infectious Childhood Chronic Uveitis

  • 11 April 2024 - 12:00
  • Firenze, Italy

PReS endorsed the 1st PReS ACADEMY COURSE on Non-Infectious Childhood Chronic Uveitis

The educational objective of this course, funded under the EJP RD Networking Support Scheme, is to improve the knowledge regarding Non-infectious Childhood Chronic Uveitis (NCCU) with particularly focus on diagnosis, clinical management and treatment. Additionally, a special focus on sight-threating uveitis will be provided

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Hybrid course
: 11-12 April 2024
Venue: Firenze
Location: Auditorium Meyer Health Campus, Meyer Children Hospital, viale Pieraccini 29, 50139 Firenze.

Working Party Scientific Committee:
Gabriele Simonini (Italy)
Marco Cattalini (Italy)
Ivan Foeldvari (Germany)
Ilaria Maccora (EMERGE Representative, Italy)

Co-opted members:
A Ramanan (UK)
Carine Wouters (Belgium)
Carlos D Rosè (USA)


  1. Ivan Foeldvari, Pediatric Rheumatology (Germany)
  2. Athimalaipet V Ramanan, Pediatric Rheumatology (UK)
  3. Carine Wouters, Pediatric Rheumatology (Belgium)
  4. Carlos D Rosè, Pediatric Rheumatology (USA)
  5. Sheila T Angeles-Han Pediatric Rheumatology,  (USA)
  6. Nisha Acharya, Pediatric Ophthalmologist (USA)
  7. Gabriele Simonini, Pediatric Rheumatology (Italy)
  8. Jordi Anton Lopez, Pediatric Rheumatology (Spain)
  9. Ard Heiligenhaus, Pediatric Ophthalmologist (Germany)
  10. Catherine Guly, Pediatric Ophthalmologist (UK)
  11. Roberto Caputo, Pediatric Ophthalmologist (Italy)
  12. Pier Giorgio NERI, Pediatric Ophthalmologist (Abu-Dabi Cleveland University)


  • Start Date:11 April 2024
  • Start Time:12:00
  • End Date:12 April 2024
  • End Time:16:00
  • Location:Firenze, Italy