ERICA new matchmaking tool: Collaborative inter-ERN Research Wall

ERICA aims to promote collaborative inter- ERNs research projects. It is therefore crucial to have a centralised location to announce any new project and search for collaborators. A specific web page has been created for this purpose on the ERICA website Research Wall (Please note that the current page only contains examples)

It provides basic information about the open calls for collaboration as well as contact details of the project PI. If you have any new inter- ERN project that you wish to advertise via this research wall, please fill this excel file with the project you wish to advertise and return to ERICA Coordinating office.

Please note that only inter- ERNs collaborative projects will be advertised via this research wall.

The new projects will be regularly announced and promoted. Additionally, if you wish to receive updates directly by email, we kindly ask you to REGISTER HERE.