EHDEN 5th Open Call for Data Partners to map source data to OMOP common data model and collaborative research

The EHDEN Consortium announces its 5th Open call targeted towards data custodians of Electronic Health Records, Claims, Hospital and Registry data across Europe, supporting the mapping of their data to the OMOP common data model to accelerate research and healthcare decision-making.

The current open call will run from October 13th to November 15th.

They welcome all applications, but applications from countries not yet (or minimally) represented in the EHDEN Network will be especially welcome, as well as datasets with granular data:

  • Datasets with granular data will also be especially welcome
  • Datasets with longer term follow up, and in-patient data
  • Including, but not exclusively Patient Outcomes, e.g., PROs/PREMs/HRQoL.
  • Including, but not exclusively Claims, resource utilisation.
  • Specific interest for this call (but not exclusively):
    • Rare/autoimmune/inflammatory disease
    • Cancer therapies and registries, small rich datasets
    • Medical devices

Data Partners can benefit from up to a maximum of € 100 000 funding that will be made available via a €17 million “Harmonisation Fund”. The current call has a €3 million budget.

More information here: