BBMRI-ERIC has released COVID-19 specific support

What can biobanks do against COVID-19? Taking care of today’s COVID-19 patients is priority number 1. Researchers will need high quality samples from patients and healthy controls, collected in clinical settings and in an ethical way. BBMRI-ERIC can all help with that.
In the past weeks, BBRMI collected information on the resources national nodes and individual biobanks can provide to researchers working on COVID-19, including samples, facilities, labs, guidance etc. This document is the basis for the development in future weeks and months of further actions to support research. The document has been shared with BBMRI networks and partners, including other research infrastructures, the European Commission and industry.

In addition, it is also available the BBMRI Directory with the new COVID-19 filter to find samples and datasets applicable to research on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.