Academia developing medicines for rare diseases to receive free EMA scientific advice

The EMA has decided to waive all fees for scientific advice for academic researchers developing orphan medicines, to further encourage the development of treatments for rare diseases.
The academic sector plays an important role in the development of innovative medicines.
Their scientific research is often at the source of novel methodologies and innovative medicines with a potential to benefit patients with rare diseases.

Early interaction with EU regulators is important for academia to understand the regulatory requirements and allow the generation of robust evidence needed to establish the medicines’ benefits and risks.
This helps them to navigate the regulatory process and ultimately to translate their discoveries into authorised, patient-focused medicines.

Eligible applicants will include public or private higher education establishments awarding academic degrees, public or private non-profit research organisations whose primary mission is to pursue research, and international European interest organisations. These entities should not be financed or managed by private for-profit organisations in the pharmaceutical sector or have concluded any agreement with pharmaceutical companies concerning their sponsorship or participation to a specific research project for which a fee exemption is sought.

Please check the news item on the EMA’s website, or view the dedicated posts on Twitter and LinkedIn for more information regarding the academic fee waiver.