The overall objective of this WP is to provide an EU-wide streamlined education programme on RD research to all interested stakeholders via an e-learning established service provider that will combine both certificated courses and MOOC.

The modules of the e-learning course will be created and/or adapted from existing/available content together with top-tier RD experts. Educational material developed within the online academic education course is focused on the transversal aspects across RDs and is non-redundant with already developed material.

The specific objectives of this WP are to:

– Ensure a thorough EU-wide benchmark and assessment of RD academic trainings and e-learning courses in order to prevent any duplication of existing content and favor relevant adaptation and inclusion of existing courses in the future EJP-RD online course;

– Develop a comprehensive, high-quality e-learning course, both available to an academic audience but also to a wider public in coordination with a professional service provider;

– Closely monitor the impact of the course in order to implement the relevant modifications throughout the EJP-RD lifetime and ensure its widest impact.