Systems Administrator - BBMRI

The Central Executive Management Office of BBMRI-ERIC in Graz, Austria, is looking for a Systems Administrator that will be responsible for supporting all office operations regarding IT and the infrastructure operations of Common Service IT.

The pan‐European Biobanking and Biomolecular resources Research Infrastructure is a distributed bio‐medical and life science infrastructure for sustainable storage and dissemination of biobanked samples and associated data in Europe.  The Common Service IT aims to implement core IT services, such as the Directory, the Sample/Data Locator and Negotiator as well as data harmonisation tools and reference tools for biobanks.

Deadline: 31 January 2020

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Administrative and Financial Manager – European Project

The EJP RD Coordination Team is looking for its new Administrative and Financial manager.

The Administrative and Financial manager will be in charge of planning, organising and executing the financial and administrative follow-up of the programme. He/she will contribute to the preparation of annual and final reports to the European Commission as well as annual programming of the EJP RD. He/she will work closely with all EJP RD partners to inform and assists them and ensure the implementation of the administrative and financial procedures defined in both the Grant and Consortium Agreements.

The Administrative and Financial manager should have in-depth knowledge of public finances and should master the administrative and financial set-up of the European projects.

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EJP RD – Administrative and Financial Manager

Technology Transfer Associate

Fondazione Telethon is a major Italian charity focused on rare genetic diseases. Founded in 1990, its mission is to fund biomedical research advancement towards the cure of rare genetic diseases neglected by major public and private investments. Its ultimate goal is to make therapies available to all patients in need. The Business Development Office is working to add value to the know-how, intellectual property, human resources and research facilities arising from Telethon-funded research in order to generate new therapies and diagnostic products for the benefit of patients affected by rare genetic diseases.

The TTA will operate within the Business Development Office and should report to the Technology Transfer Manager responsible for overseeing the technology transfer activities related to research conducted outside the Telethon institutes. Fondazione Telethon is a partner in the EJP RD and among its objectives, the project is aimed at developing and implementing an efficient model of financial support to research coupled with an accelerated exploitation of research results for the benefit of patients. The Business Development Office has a major role in coordinating technology transfer activities for the research projects funded under the EJP-RD. The TTA will work closely with the relevant partners within the EJP to identify translational research projects and define the best development path and strategy for each project. With the same aim, the TTA will collaborate with Telethon Program Managers overseeing Telethon-funded research on the exploitation of the results arising from such research.

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