Call for expression of interest to recruit an Ethics Advisor to the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases

The EJP RD is looking for an Ethics Advisor, apply for the position! The Advisor will be in charge of verifying the application of EU ethical/legal/regulatory framework within the projects that will be financed within and by the EJP RD. A dedicated work package with 15 deliverables was created. Foundation GIANNI BENZI leads the activities necessary to provide the proper strategy to address ethical, regulatory and legal issues, ensuring that relevant rules are complied with within the course of the project. This will allow EJP RD to perform not only ethically-sound but also regulatory-compliant multi-national research. The Ethics Advisor will closely work with the project Advisory Regulatory and Ethical Board (AREB) and the regulatory and ethical WP team that is coordinated by Fondazione Gianni Benzi. The Ethics Advisor is directly attached to the coordinator of the project and the Executive Committee of the EJP RD. He/she facilitates the dialogue with the European Commission (for all ethical/regulatory aspects). The Ethics Advisor ensures that the consortium applies and respects all ethical, regulatory and legal norms within all activities run under the EJP RD project.

EJP RD – Ethics Advisor – Call for expression of interest