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EJPRD_User-Guide_Events_Resources Webinar

EJPRD_User-Guide_ERN Events

EJPRD_User-Guide_Events_FAIR Initiatives Convergence

EJPRD_User-Guide_2021 Pillar2 Annual Retreat

EJPRD_2021 Pillar2 Annual Retreat_Open Session_Programme

EJPRD_JTC2020_Kick-off meeting_Agenda


EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 1. Panel Report of the Joint Translational Calls 2019

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 2. Overview of the Joint Translational Calls 2019

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 3. Overview of the Networking support scheme calls

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 4. Ethics, GDPR and Informed Consent presentation

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 5. EJP RD Call for Legal Advisor involvement in the AREB

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 6. EJP RD_1st AREB F2F meeting Minutes

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 7. EJP RD_1st AREB F2F meeting presentation

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 8. EJP RD_1st AREB TC Minutes

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 9. EJP RD General Assembly Consortium meeting WP4 presentation

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 10. EJP RD Info Day and Brokerage Event FGB presentation

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 11. EJP RD_2nd AREB TC Minutes

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 12. EJP RD_3rd AREB TC Minutes

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 13. EJP RD_4th AREB TC Minutes

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 14. Minutes from Informed Consent and Data access issues section Pillar 2 Annual Retreat meeting

EJPRD_D4.2_Annex 15. EJP RD_ 5th AREB TC Minutes

EJPRD_AHP linked to Del-2.2 Prioritization Scheme

EJPRD_Guideline_Requirements for GDPR Implementation in Pillar 2

EJPRD_Guideline_GDPR Guiding Technical Principles for Pillar 2

EJPRD_Network Analysis Methods

EJPRD_Inventory_genetic variants databases and tools

EJPRD_2020 Pillar2 Annual Retreat_Preliminary Program

EJP RD_National-Mirror-Group_Terms of Reference_vf

EJP RD JTC2023 – Information Webinar – 15122022 v1